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Welcome! I am John Roma (J.R.) Skok, Ph.D.

  My passion is to build a better future on and beyond Earth. We can build this future through the artful combination of the clarity of science, the power of business and the potential of technology. These overlapping, yet distinct human practices will unlock our potential and build the future we want. 

  I am working toward this goal through the following projects. Please explore them to learn more and feel free to contact me to learn how you can help with our journey to the stars!


  Made of Mars was founded to learn how to build from the materials and minerals we know are in space. It is built on my 20 years of experience researching the composition of Earth, Mars, the Moon, and other planetary bodies. One of the most common minerals throughout the solar system, is the volcanic rock, Basalt. Made of Mars is working to develop the range of products that we can build from Basalt and create demand now. Using Basalt now may take the pressure off of other resources that stress the ecosystems on Earth and prepare the way to building locally on Mars, the Moon and is deep space. I work as co-Founder and CEO of Made of Mars. 


  AstroReality is an Education Technology company working to inspire a new generation to explore space. We develop the best 3D models of the planets on the market and pair them with cutting edge Augmented Reality experiences to help inspire students and adults to keep on exploring. I work as the Chief Science Officer of AstroReality.


  The SETI Institute is a non-profit science research organization that works closely with NASA to develop the technology and research to explore the solar system and beyond.  We work to explore space with robotic missions to pave the way for future human exploration. These missions are mapping resources and landing sites while exploring fundamental questions about our place in the universe. I am working with teams of dedicated scientists and engineers to develop missions to Mars and instruments to explore and understand space. The scientific study and exploration of Earth, Mars and beyond will provide our path to the stars. I am a Principal Investigator with the SETI Institute.  

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